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Runewords are some of the most effective items you can create during Diablo 2: Resurrected, however, they require quite much effort to make D2R Ladder Items. You'll need to first locate the right runes to make the runeword, then you need to find the appropriate weapon either a shield or armor which is able to take the runeword. The item must possess exactly the number of sockets to allow the runeword be effective and the runes must be put into the item with sockets in the right order. Also, the item has to be unadorned (white) or magic (blue) or rare (yellow) exclusive (gold), or set (green) items with sufficient sockets won't work for runewords.

To avoid this, you should take great care when writing a runeword. Double- and even triple-check that your items's proper type -for example, the Insight runeword can be created in staves or polearms, but not spears . You must also put the runes out in the right order before socketing them into the item.

There are some intricacies regarding weapon and armor which you need to be aware of. "Body armor" includes only items you wear on your body. General "armor" includes shields, boots, gloves, helms, etc. Hammers are not compatible in conjunction with maces' runewords. "Melee weapons" don't include the ranged weapons like crossesbows or bows. Orbs are not also considered melee weapons.

When you create runewords, a lot of have different stats that define how good of a roll you've come up with. A perfectly runeword-based roll is always worth a lot over a roll that is not perfect. In the same way, using the best runeword base (an item with sockets) possible is always recommended. If, for instance, you're developing a raneword to use on a mercenary utilize the Ethereal base. Mercenary weapons and armor don't get less durable Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items, so you'll benefit from the benefit of stats gained from the Ethereal property and not worry about it ever breaking. Every boost in stats counts for Diablo 2: Resurrected.

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